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Patricia Risch, MCC, Executive Coach

Attention Clarity
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„I had the great opportunity to engage with coaching from Patti. We had some amazing conversations and she asked some great questions that really made me think how to manage a new team. This is especially true as I started my coaching with Patti as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. She really helped put a lot of management questions I had into perspective and allowed me to engage with my employees as we all transition to a new way of doing business. I would highly recommend her as a professional coach.“
Chris Wardell
Community Involvement Section Chief
U.S. EPA Region 8
Executive and Leadership Coaching

You are a leader in a big system. You are on all the time and feel challenged to be responsive, empathetic, transparent, open, and compassionate. Finding space in a big role can be challenging and giving yourself grace can be even more challenging. You are working with a great talented team.


I am your thinking partner and there is a synergy between us where insights emerge, curiosity is developed, direction is clear. We focus on you, your strengths, and points of leverage. I am fully present, and I take time to get to know you. I am curious to dig deeper.


We explore your constituents in the relationship field, who they are and ways to build trust so that they know that you trust them. We focus on the development of others, giving them opportunities to grow and serve.



Individual Coaching

Coaching is a future-focused process of change that enables you to create fundamental shifts in the way you relate to yourself, others, and the world – personally and professionally.


patricia risch

We partner to create clear agreements, processes, plans and goals. Your topics are explored through a process to evoke awareness and reflective inquiry with a development focus. Using this model in a forward direction creates the results you want. Using in a reverse direction it allows reflection and exploration. The most effective sustainable change is from the „inside“ vantage point. We explore your beliefs and interpretations, create and set goals, and design action. As obstacles and challenges are explored, practices for sustained behavioral changes and solutions that work are built. Professional coaching explicitly targets maximizing potential and transformational change.


I use a strength-based approach, insight-based learning, and a discovery-based process – integrating mindfulness-based practices. My approach is heart-centered and integrative, focuses on the present, develops attention and potential, and brings conscious choice to life-situations.


„Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose non-judgmentally in the present moment as if your life depended on it.“
Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Patricia Risch, MCC, Executive Coach

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