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Patricia Risch, MCC, Executive Coach



„I took the Coaching course as part of my Leadership development training. The course helped me to develop the areas where I needed to straighten and helped me find my leadership style (Democratic). I also learned how to adjust my oral and written communications with my staff and senior Management. My staff has communicated that I am more approachable and relaxed. I highly recommend taking Coaching from Ms Risch.“
Rockville, Maryland
I am a global citizen, lifelong learner, and a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). I have lived and navigated cultures in Spain, Pakistan, Jordan, Switzerland, Japan and Serbia for over 20 years and I know the highs and lows of transition and challenges whatever they may look like. I have coached in culturally diverse environments and understand and leverage differences, which is vital in today’s global world. I value authenticity, family, relationships, community, integrity, being in nature, learning, growth and change.


I listen to your story and understand what it is like to walk in your shoes in your business, workplace, life, and relationship. I evoke new thought and support skill building, which brings learning, growth and change from where you are now to where you want to be.


I have worked with clients ranging from NGO’s, executives, leaders, managers, private clients as well as government agencies. I work in partnership with the ICF Colorado coaching executives as part of the UN Ignite: Engaging Humanity Through Education.



„I have chosen Patricia, because of her ontological approach to coaching, which is an area I am particularly interested in. I got much more than learning about ontological coaching. I was coached on very challenging issues and made major decisions in my personal and professional life. Patricia as a coach is very observant and appreciative, focuses on a way of being, asking really insightful questions, picking up my values and my strengths, celebrating my successes.“
Zlatica M. Stubbs, MA, PCC, MKcS
Professional Coach Trainer and Coaching Supervisor
Manchester, UK / Zilina, Slovakia
Education and Coach Training

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  • „The insights I have gained through my coaching partnership with Patti have moved me forward in both my personal and professional journey. With respect and acceptance, Patti meets me where I am, hears and articulates my strengths and my inner wisdom, and empowers me to take steps to a more fulfilling life. Masterful coach!“
    Diane McLean, M.Ed., PCAC, MCC, ACCG
    Uniquely Wired Kids LCC
    ADDCA Leader, Assessor & Mentor Coach
    Overland Park, Kansas, USA

  • „Patti demonstrated excellent coaching skills adhering to the ICF core coaching competencies. She provided a safe, professional, flexible, and supportive coaching presence. She was an expert active listener; she asked powerful questions, used direct communication, and led her clients to effective planning and goal setting. Patti has a gift for providing strong support and partnership throughout the sessions. She consistently and skillfully followed her client's direction. Patti demonstrated a true talent for listening below the surface and brought ideas to light for possible exploration with her client.“
    Sheri Boone, MCC, BCC
    ICF Mentor Coach

  • „At first I wasn't sure how I would benefit from coaching, but as Patricia and I talked, I found that her observations, insights, and questions really helped me move forward in my thinking and actions, and the accountability was good for me. She is professional and compassionate, and our time always proved valuable to me. I believe anyone would benefit from coaching time with Patricia!“
    Etta Bauck
    One Challenge
    Denver, Colorado, USA

  • „Patricia has the warmest and compassionate coaching style. Her energy reflects a deep caring and willingness to walk the dark alleys and point the way to the sunny spaces in life. She's right there with you the entire time.“
    Joan Ramstedt-Andersen, PCC
    Ramstedt & Associates
    Newport Beach, CA, USA

  • „I had a friend recommend doing this. And it was an excellent choice at the time of my life. Patricia was an amazing down to earth coach that had great helpful things to add to learning with additional ways to succeed with success. She was a great listener and always had great tactics with different areas that came up with transitions of moving to another country, dealing with different cultures, different people, and categorizing selfcare time. Amazing individual and I would recommend her to anyone else.“
    Kelly Pettit
    Post-Graduate Student in Veterinarian Science
    University of Zimbabwe
    Harare, Zimbabwe

  • „Patti Risch is the consummate professional. While working at the Upper School of the Zurich International School, she competently and professionally dealt with a wide range of issues in her counseling role. This included bereavement counseling, bullying, family counseling, providing teacher emotional support, anorexia, depression, academic assistance, and student transition issues. Where necessary and relevant, she would refer families to and liaise with professional psychologists and psychiatrists. On a personal level, Patti is someone who enjoys being around people. She has a great sense of humor and has the flexibility and easy going nature to mix with all different personality types.“
    Jon McLeod, former Upper School Principal
    Zurich International School

  • „Patti is an inspiring and wonderful coach and she truly drives sustainable change. She has a natural gift which enables her to connect easily with all kinds of people from high school, college students to professionals across different continents. Patti has an intuitive, flexible and individualized approach to coaching that drives concrete and amazing results.“
    Cristina Haas
    Zürich, Switzerland

  • „Patti guided me to recreate my life, to set goals and to find a new beginning on a new path. I have a clearer and greater vision of my strengths and how I can use them to serve myself in positive ways and ultimately to be able to serve others. She has supported me to find balance in my life. I feel empowered and much stronger. Patti brings presence and trust to the coaching relationship. She clearly tapped-in on my strengths and my potential. I now believe in myself and my vision. This journey brings great joy to my life.“
    Kirsti Heiskanen, Finland and Switzerland,
    Pilates Instructor, The Pilates Center, Boulder, Colorado, USA

  • „It is impossible to walk away from a discussion with Patricia Risch without feeling enriched. The long-term, positive and sustainable changes help her clients to move forward. Her professional background, experience, compassion and continuous expansion of her skills make her an invaluable resource for those seeking a clear, positive and at times, alternate path.“
    Francine Goodman, MS-CCC, SLP
    Speech-Language Pathologist
    Zürich, Switzerland

  • „Patti is a gifted, intuitive teacher who is exceptionally well attuned and sensitive to the emotional and intellectual needs of her students and colleagues alike. She has an almost uncanny instinct for recognizing, understanding, and interpreting the moods, dispositions, and feelings of any person with whom she interacts. She has also developed a finely attuned sense of school culture and ethos, a gift which she is able to put to excellent use in advising Principals and other Leadership Team members, especially in crisis situations. Patti's ongoing work and professional development in the field of transformational and interpersonal coaching with both adults and adolescents reflects this unusual strength of hers.“
    Peter Mott, former Director
    Zurich International School

  • „Patricia is a kind-hearted and fierce coach which is a powerful combination. She helped me slow my mind down and focus on the beingness of my intentions. A wonderful experience with a great coach. Thanks!“
    Paul S. Sanbar, PCC
    Certified Coach Supervisor
    Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • „During all the years I have known Patricia, I feel very fortunate to have worked with such a professional, compassionate and caring educator. In every capacity, Patricia demonstrates a high level of professionalism combined with strong inter-personal skills, which greatly facilitates her work with children and adults.“
    Ji Han
    Director of Curriculum and Learning
    Zurich International School

  • „Patti is caring, reliable and committed. She is balanced and mature with a generously warm perspective of life and the world around her. Her personal stability is evident in her constant positive attitude to her work and the people around her.“
    Annika Hansson, RN
    Zurich International School

  • „I had a terrific and rewarding coaching experience with Patricia. She certainly helped me transform my thinking about both my personal and professional life. Great communicator!“
    Burke Fishburn
    Posner Center for International Development
    Denver, Colorado, USA

  • „Patti's reputation is founded on her professionalism and her remarkable ability to guide individuals and small groups through a number of personal issues and concerns. She is a fine educator, a professional coach and personifies kindness and integrity.“
    Laurie Hawkins
    Director of Student Support
    Zurich International School

  • „Patti is one of the most highly committed, ethical, and passionate coaches I know. She honours quality coaching and brings a high degree of personal integrity to both her coaching and her relationships to others. As a coach, Patti brings a very empathetic and nurturing presence to the clients, which helps clients to open themselves and to move forward.“
    Dr. Lille Springall
    Lifequest, Zürich, Switzerland

  • „Mrs. Risch has a very nondirective style. She is an excellent listener, explores deeper into the topic and is clear in her questioning. Her presence is strong while coaching and the atmosphere and trust that she can build quickly with the client are remarkable. I have the feeling her clients feel respected and comfortable to explore uncomfortable issues with ease. She is connecting her clients with strengths they already have and supports them to define the next actions steps with great clarity.“
    Désirée A. Steinmann
    Professional Coach ACC
    Steinmann International

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Patricia Risch, MCC, Executive Coach

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