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Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching Services

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching is a partnership between a student and a professional student success coach, which focuses on academic well-being. Professional coaching explicitly targets maximizing potential. Academic coaching services focuses on students’ strengths. Students set long- and short-term goals and create actionable strategies while developing skills to succeed in the classroom. At the same time, obstacles and challenges to learning are explored and ‘practices’ for sustained behavioral changes that work, are built. These ‘practices’ also guide students through experiencing emotions intelligently, improve focus, and reduce stress. Students discover the benefits of working intelligently, not necessarily harder. We co-create positive attitudes and habits that foster a love of learning, resulting in academic and personal success. I offer functional life coaching via an integrative model of private professional student success coaching and teaching in the academic, social and emotional areas. I use a variety of approaches to build on students’ and families’ current strengths and resources to help students gain a sense of self-efficacy: seeing themselves mastering skills, accepting challenges and being resilient in life-situations.

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Benefits of Academic Coaching Services

Academic coaching is a future-focused, discovery-based technique. The student is coached to design solutions within themselves and is held accountable to achieve them.

Academic coaching is designed to benefit students by:

Shifting attitudes

Developing self-advocacy

Gaining confidence and independence

Increasing motivation

Improving organization skills

Reducing stress

Achieving a sense of calm and focus

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My academic coaching program is designed to help students maximize their educational experience, get more enjoyment out of their studies, and have a fulfilling and successful life while in school. I use a multi-dimensional and holistic student success coaching approach, which helps students acknowledge and embrace opportunities. The strategies developed, from my experience as a professional holistic life coach, to help overcome obstacles in school, can easily be adapted and applied in a high school, college, or professional career. The benefits of academic coaching services help students make a significant and sustainable difference in their lives.

Sessions for students in Upper Elementary through Middle School take place at a time that best benefits the student’s schedule. Sessions are 60 to 90 minutes.

Contact me today for more information on how my academic coaching services can help your child succeed as a student. You can reach me by phone: 303-653-1072 or email: You can also tell me more about yourself in my transformational life coaching form.