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Career Coaching Services

Career Coaching Services in Denver

Are you considering a change in your work?
Wanting to feel more effective with work life?

Professional Career Coaching focuses on an alignment between your work and your heart, soul and values. Aligning your values, skill and talents with work that you love is important and also requires a deep listening.

Take a Step Towards a Happier Life

Are you getting burned out on the mental perspective?
Need to get in touch with your heart and soul?

In my Career Coaching Program we will explore:

What do you truly enjoy? What wants to happen in the next stage of your life and/or career?

What are your options? Your significant goals?

We look at your strengths, resources, gifts and key abilities. How can these strengths support you?

We develop and implement a plan. What obstacles or unexamined assumptions are in the way?

Additionally, Professional Career Coaching helps you to discover and clarify your strengths and values. This connects to a sense of purpose in the world. It is what matters to you. Action is important AND trusting in the process of life and allowing things to unfold are essential.

“If work is all about doing, then the soul is all about being: the indiscriminate enjoyer of everything that comes our way. If work is the world, then the soul is our home. THE HEART AROUSED explores the possibility of being at home in the world, melding soul life with work life, then inner ocean of longing and belonging with the outer ground of strategy and organization control.”

The Heart Aroused: Poetry and Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America by David Whyte

I am a professional holistic life coach in the Denver area and I work with clients to explore dreams and aspirations, to gain career confidence and self-agency as well as insights and inspiration; and most importantly, to enjoy the process, to trust and remain actively optimistic. You can develop the skills you need to gain clarity and direction as well as improve your leadership skills through my career coaching services. As a certified Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach through the Institute of Social + Emotional Intelligence® of Denver, Colorado, I can help you integrate new skills and connect with what you care about most, see new perspectives and ultimately make shifts in your work life.

Take a Step Towards a Happier Life

Contact me today by calling 303.653.1072 or email me at for more information on how career coaching services in the Denver area can help you experience your own transformational change, or use our convenient online form to tell us a little bit about you and your goals.