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Coaching and Transitioning

Personal Development Coaching Services in Denver

What is personal development coaching?

Personal development coaching is designed to create ease when experiencing life-transitions. It is a partnership that we co-create to support you as you navigate major transitions or changes in life. It can be a move to a new country, repatriating to your home country, understanding cross-cultural communication, adjusting to a change in personal family status, becoming a parent, making a career change, or retirement. Any change brings challenges and opportunities. Knowing what to expect and developing strategies for transitioning with ease will help ensure smooth landings.

Take a Step Towards a Happier Life

What does a life coach do?

Transformational life coaches partner with and empower clients to shift existing paradigms to create new ways of being in the world. By cultivating awareness and exploring underlying patterns, core beliefs and interpretations, clients plan, set goals and take action. These actions create fundamental shifts in the way they think, feel and behave in relation to themselves, others and the world – to build conscious sustainable change.

Benefits of a life coach

When working with a transformational life coach, the benefits are immediate. Coaching is individualized and you can begin to implement new practices after each session. I meet you where you are. Some of the many benefits of life coaching are:

Improving performance

Planning and setting goals

Becoming more self-reliant

Gaining satisfaction with life and work

Experiencing new perspectives

Increasing confidence

Communicating more effectively

Take a Step Towards a Happier Life

Why Choose Patricia Risch and Coaching for Sustainable Change?

I have navigated many international moves with my family and successfully transitioned into new cultures. I have coached culturally diverse people and understand and leverage differences. Cross-cultural coaching is vital in today’s global world. Even though there have certainly been challenges, I have learned that crossing cultures and bridging worlds can bring enormous pleasure and incredible opportunities. I have worked in international educational settings for 23 years. I have extensive experience in integrative life coaching – coaching parents, educators and students transiting to new schools and universities and adjusting to new cultures and countries.

Contact me today for more information on how my personal development coaching services in Denver can help you live your best life right now. You can set up a free coaching conversation by calling me at: 303-653-1072, email:, or provide me with more information about you through my form submission.