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Life Coaching Services in Denver

“At the heart of coaching is a creative and thought-provoking process that supports individuals to confidently pursue new ideas and alternative solutions with greater resilience.”

– International Coach Federation

Our lives are always changing; nothing in life is static. At times life seems to flow and everything is in order. We are happy and thriving. We seamlessly navigate the ups and downs of life. We feel energized and easily upload the positives. We are living our ideal life.

At other times greater challenges show-up – transitions, parenting, relationships, career change, unorganized spaces – or simply ‘knowing’ that we are not living the life we want to be living and more of the same is not an option. We ‘know’ that something needs to change. And we want to change. We are not aligned with our values, beliefs or ways of being. This is where our life coaching services can help.

Take a Step Towards a Happier Life

Our personal coaching services in the Denver area can assist with developing awareness – of self, of others, of the environment and of the world. The most effective way to build sustainable change is from the inside out. We have the freedom to choose instead of being impacted by our limiting beliefs or life situations. Personal life coaching services explicitly target maximizing potential.

With awareness comes greater clarity, positivity and the ability to see things that were not seen before. Positive emotions change our perceptions and expand our boundaries. We can choose from a greater range of possibilities for our lives.

My Life Coaching Services Offered:

Life Coaching in the Great OutdoorsExperience the benefits of coaching in nature. Take a walk with me in various outdoor settings where we can walk and talk about creating positive sustainable change.

Life Coaching Services and Life Transition ServicesLife changes can be challenging whether you are moving to a new environment, taking a new job, or having family changes, I can help you navigate those changes.

Academic Coaching with Students in Stapleton, DenverI offer students a chance to become effective learners and support them in academic, social, and emotional areas. I work with students in upper elementary to middle schools in the Stapleton area of Denver.

Professional Career Coaching Services in DenverI work with clients to discover their strengths and values. We work together to determine their goals to help them excel at work or work towards changing their career path.

My work with clients includes a broad spectrum of topics, which includes adjusting to new environments, fostering healthy relationships, improving work situations, embracing cross-cultural transitions, repatriating and transitioning to new situations. My coaching is grounded in modern neuroscience and positive psychology using a mindfulness-based, integrative, heart-centered approach. In our sessions, we focus on well-being through positive emotion, engagement, meaning, optimism, resilience, and positive relationships. In each personal coaching session, we create actionable strategies for achieving specific and clear goals.

Take a Step Towards a Happier Life