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Tele-Coaching – Online Life Coaching Resources

  • What are you noticing in this crisis?
  • What are you needing?
  • What are you to do with this ‘new world’ emerging?
  • What is the meaning for you? What is this about?
  • Are you inundated with emails? With offers and suggestions?

We are witnessing a tumultuous time in history. We are being bombarded with information. Almost too much. We are observing and learning about new ways of being in the world. We are talking about and seeing the external changes occurring – what we are observing or what might occur or what our workplaces might look like or how things will be different. We speculate. We are hearing an unprecedented amount of suggestions on ways to cope, ways to be, ways to conquer or navigate this time. Best practices. Being resilient. Staying grounded. At times, perhaps too often, is it all too much and all the same. We speculate and we watch. And all we know is that we really do not know.

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  • Wanting a whole-hearted conversation?


What about what is going on inside? What are your dreams, your feelings, thoughts, fears, stresses, hopes and aspirations? What are you doing with this? Where is security vs freedom for you?


Sometimes we need a place and space to speak it. To say it to someone. We need to be heard. Opportunities are presented to us, even now. And we have choice. Opportunities to understand the meaning of this for us as individuals, for our families, communities and the global world. Where am I going and what might it look like? Am I making the right decisions now? Coaching helps you to process what is going on – to move through this crisis thoughtfully.


  • What changes do you want to keep now as a result of this crisis?
  • What major life or work changes do you want to make as a result of this crisis?
  • What is the goodness in this for you?


Coaching is a partnership that provides a safe space for a whole-hearted conversation to take place and where changes can occur. Sometimes we need to slow down and explore these questions. Coaching is more important now than ever.


Contact Patricia Risch for a phone conversation 303.653.1072 or email I am available for tele-coaching or virtual coaching. I am offering special reduced packages for “coaching during a crisis” – a small investment in coaching during a crisis will pay off in terms of a larger gain for individuals and leaders, providing a ripple effect to families and colleagues in the workplace.