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Coaching During A Crisis

Tele-Coaching Coaching During a Crisis


We are in a VUCA environment (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous):


“VUCA is a concept that originated with students at the U.S. Army War College to describe the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of the world after the Cold War. And now, the concept is gaining new relevance to characterize the current environment and the leadership required to navigate it successfully.” Forbes May 9, 2018

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Given this environment, how can we do the best we can with ‘what is’? Where are the smartest places to focus our energy, attention and intention right now?


  • Anxiety. With the data changing every 5 minutes, this taxes our working memory.

          “The extra anxiety caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has impaired our working memory, experts say. Rapidly-changing circumstances, worry, and anxiety can all have a significant impact on your ability to focus” BBC 11th June 2020

  • Control or no control. Accepting what is. No fixing-things. This requires an adaptable brain. The essence of leadership agility is to quickly adjust and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.
  • School-aged children transitioning to new ways of learning. By now, many parents have sorted-out the best ways to navigate their child’s learning away from the brick-and-mortar schools. Routines, structure, open conversations, physical activity and managing our own anxiety are all part of the current way of restructuring life.
  • Change with people and organizations. Where are we going now? What are we doing well? Working in a new environment. Zoom is not providing the true social connection most of us need. Zoom is taxing our brains in various ways making work more exhausting than usual. The brain processes less energy in person. We are running on adrenalin. Breathe. Develop strategy. Breathe.


Different models exist on how to turn a VUCA environment to your advantage, for example, from

Volatile = Vision

Uncertain = Understanding

Complex = Clarity

Ambiguous = Agility

As a coach, I work to understand your context, identity, environment, experiences, values and beliefs. I use pragmatic optimism –  seeing and accepting a practical and realistic look at life – to help you process what is going on and create ways to move through it; to find your own resilience and capacity even when the external landscape can not be changed. I can help you to slow down, stay grounded and take new perspectives.

Group and individual coaching for women with children

An eight-week group experience for women with children who are looking for more peace, love and calm in their lives so that they can have a better relationship with themselves, their partners and their children.

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