Develop Awareness. Make Honest Choices. Cultivate Change.

Life is always changing – at times it is not easy and yet change can often be rewarding. We are challenged daily by life situations – personal issues, transitions, parenting, relationships and work. And there are many positive experiences in our daily lives as well.

Professional coaching develops awareness – of self, of others, of the environment and of the world. With awareness comes greater clarity, positivity and the ability to see things that were not seen before. Positive emotions change our perceptions and expand our boundaries. We can choose from a greater range of possibilities for our lives. Embrace change, find purpose and invite genuine happiness into your life.

My work with clients includes a broad spectrum of topics such as adjusting to new environments, parenting, fostering healthy relationships, work situations, cross-cultural transitions, repatriation and transitioning to new settings. My coaching is grounded in modern neuroscience and positive psychology using a mindfulness-based, integrative, heart-centered approach. We focus on well-being through positive emotion, engagement, meaning, optimism, resilience, and positive relationships.

Patti Risch

I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation based in Denver, Colorado and I also see clients in Zürich, Switzerland. A true baby boomer in my heart and mind, I believe everyone has the ability to challenge the status quo and cultivate positive change.

In 1996, we packed up three young children from our 20-acre Vermont homestead and embarked on what turned out to be a 21-year international adventure. We explored, we traveled and we embraced cultures.

In addition to my private integrative coaching practice, I worked as a coach, teacher, and counselor at international schools in Spain, Jordan, Pakistan, and Switzerland, with frequent travels to Japan and Serbia. After 16 years living in Zürich, Switzerland, I landed in Denver, Colorado in 2018 and continue to offer private coaching.

I am an integrative coach and have advanced coach training with inviteChange in Washington. I am a graduate of the Newfield Network ICF Accredited Coach Training Program in Boulder, Colorado and have had Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training (MBSR) in Zürich, Switzerland. I also hold a Masters of Education degree from the University of Vermont. Currently, I am enrolled in a Positive Psychology Coaching Certification at the Wholebeing Institute.

When I am not coaching, you will find me engaged in activities that bring joy and nourish my soul – generative conversations, Pilates, yoga, biking, walking, gardening and hiking.

I am available for in-person sessions in Denver, Colorado and at various times throughout the year in Zürich, Switzerland. Sessions with clients are also available virtually or by phone.

Education and Coach Training

University of Vermont, Masters in Education – Burlington, Vermont

Newfield Network, Certified Coach Accredited Program – Boulder, Colorado

Certified Edgewalker Coach – Mallorca, Spain

Wholebeing Institute, Positive Psychology Coaching Certification – Hardwick, Massachusetts

Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation

InviteChange, Advanced Credentialed Coach Training – Seattle, Washington

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training – Zürich, Switzerland

Coaching Details

In-person, audio or video

Email and phone communications between sessions, as needed

Flexible hours

Packages available


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